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Die bisherigen Sendungen im Jahr 2006

So.31.12. 18 bis 21 Uhr Radio OKJ
"Silvester Special Teil 2: die besten Konzerte 2006 + Ausblick 2007"

Emperor - I Am The Black Wizards
Cryptopsy - In The Kingdom Where Everything Dies, The Sky Is Mortal
Textures - Circular
Mastodon - Sleeping Giant
Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
Legion Of The Damned - Into The Eye Of The Storm
Grave - Burn
Terrorizer - Storm Of Stress (R.I.P. Jesse Pintado)
Dissection - Where Dead Angels Lie (R.I.P. Jon Nödveidt)
Nocte Obducta - Aschefrühling
Centinex - Synthetic Sin Zero
Coldworker - A Custom-Made Hell
Volbeat - Another Day Another Way
Gorilla Monsoon - Night Of The Wolverine
My Dying Bride - L´amour Detruit
The Vision Bleak - Secrecies In Darkness
Scorpions - Coming Home
Guns n´ Roses - Welcome To The Jungle
Necrophobic - Blinded By Light, Enlightened By Darkness
Goatwhore - Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult
Melechesh - Triangular Tattvic Fire
God Dethroned - Hating Life
Moonsorrow - Tuleen ajettu Maa

So.31.12. 12 bis 15 Uhr Radio OKJ
"Silvester Special Teil 1: die besten Platten 2006"

Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah
3 - Alien Angels
Iron Maiden - The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg
Slayer - Catalyst
Motörhead - Sucker
Darkthrone - Too Old Too Cold
Celtic Frost - Ground
Enslaved - Ruun
Disillusion - Avalanche
Katatonia - Deliberation
Sahg - The Alchemist
Chrome Division - Chrome Division
Deicide - Homage For Satan
Cannibal Corpse - Five Nails Through The Neck
Lay Down Rotten - Pulling The Trigger
Fall Of Serenity - Raise Your Remorse
Maroon - Annular Eclipse
Ignite - Intro / Bleeding
The Scourger - Maximum Intensity
In Flames - Come Clarity
Scar Symmetry - Mind Machine
Trivium - Becoming The Dragon
Heaven Shall Burn - Armia
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Riders On The Storm
Therion - To Mega Therion (live - Celebrators - DVD)
Amon Amarth - Cry Of The Black Birds
Catamenia - Tribe Of Eternity
Unleashed - Blood Of Lies
Agalloch - Falling Snow

Mo.25.12. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.26.12. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.28.12. 15 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.29.12. 09Uhr Wartburgradio

Nevermore - The Next In Line
Zero Hour - Specs Of Pictures Burnt Beyond
Dream Theater - As I Am
Dying Fetus - Praise The Lord (Opium For The Masses)
Quo Vadis - On The Shores Of Ithaka
Decapitated - Nihility (Anti-Human Manifesto)
Vesania - The Mystory
Emperor - An Elegy Of Icaros
Coheed & Cambria - In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth:3
Ayreon - In The Garden Of Emotions
Blackfield - Once
Meshuggah - Rational Gaze
Disillusion - The Porter A Lament
Red Sparowes - An Every Red Heart... Track


Mo.11.12. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.12.12. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.14.12. 15 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.15.12. 09Uhr Wartburgradio

Empyrium - The Yearning
Grave - Diabolical Existence
Drone - Welcome To The Pit
Scorngrain - The Code
Killswitch Engage - Daylight Dies
Feast For The Crows - Take It Back
Blinded Colony - Bedtime Prayers
Machine Supremacy - Elite
Twisted Into Form - Instinct Solitaire
Sinner - Diary Of Evil
Manowar - The Sons OF Odin
Nomansland - Torir Scald
Thrudvangar - Die Drachen & der Runenstein
Mortal Intention - Suizidal Sünderleib
Dark Order - The Terran Empire
This Ending - Pitch Black
Coldworker - The Interloper
Stapping Young Lad - You Suck
War - War
Cradle Of Filth - Temptation (Heaven 17 - Cover)

Mo.27.11. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.28.11. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.30.11. 15 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.01.12. 09Uhr Wartburgradio

Arch Enemy - We Will Rise
Pantera - Cowboys From Hell
Crowd - Regress To Prevail
Breed77 - Remember The Day
Mastodon - Colony Of Birchmen
The Haunted - The Flood
Lordi - Would You Love a Monsterman?
Messenger - Kill The DJ
Aeternus - Litany Of Ra
Solace Of Requiem - Lost-Vapors
Norma Jean - No Passanger: No Parasite
Ghost Brigade - Autoemotive
Trivium - Detonation
Riot - Army Of One
Ruffians - Live By The Sword
The Duskfall - Break The Pact
Sufferage - Hate Is Warm And Red
Spock´s Beard - On A Perfect Day
RPWL - Start The Fire

Mo.13.11. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.14.11. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.16.11. 15 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.17.11. 09Uhr Wartburgradio

Dismember - Dreaming In Red
Gwar - I Love The Pigs
Black Crucifixion - Bible Black Tyrant
Solitude Aeternus - Scent Of Death
Moshquito - Enter New Spheres
Entombed - When In Sodom
Guttural Secrete - Gluttonous Portions Of Intestinal Seepage
Resection - The Manhattan Project
Eternal Majesty - Night Evilness
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Das All-Eine
Suidakra - A Blackened Shield
The Lovecrave - Nobody
Agalloch - Falling Snow
Syncronomica - Für die Ewigkeit
Volbeat - I Only Wanna Be With You (Dusty Springfield - Cover)

Mo.30.10. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.31.10. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.02.11. 15 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.03.11. 09Uhr Wartburgradio

Massacra - Madness Remains
Malevolent Creation - The Will To Kill
Agro - Carpe Diem
Paganize - The Hour
Black Messiah - Die Sühne des Feuerbringers
Cruachan - The Brown Bull Of Cooley
God Dethroned - Typhoid Mary
Death By Dawn - Profit
Contradiction - The Warchitect
Benea Reach - Inheritor
Intronaut - Gleamer
Suma - I Am The Spiritual Shepherd
My Dying Bride - The Raven Wings
Mirror Of Deception - Ghost
Catamenia - Tuhat Vuotta
The Scourger - Maximum Intensity
Disillusion - Avalanche
Lowdown - The World Has Ended
Grave - Them Bones (Alice In Chains-Cover)

Mo.16.10. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.17.10. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.19.10. 15 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.20.10. 09Uhr Wartburgradio

Porcupine Tree - Open Car
Vicious Rumors - Wheels Of Madness
Squealer A.D. - Kamikaze Nation
Mob Rules - Unholy War
Death Breath - Chopping Spree
The Damnation - Dawn Of The Dead
Eradicate - Buried To Suffocate
Flammensturm - Hass-Regime
Verdict - Slavery
21st Century Killing Machine - Wade Through Blood
Born From Pain feat. Barney Greenway - Behind Enemy Lines
Textures - Circular (Happy Birthday Kat!)
Philosopher - Thoughts
Solace Of Requiem - Theoretics
Agrypnie - Masken
Midwinter - Song Inside
Cadaverous Condition - The Loneliest Grave
Disastrous Murmur - The Call
Entwine - Chameleon Halo
Tourettes Syndrom - Nola
Reckless Tide - Kleemähendeäbte

Mo.02.10. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.03.10. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.05.10. 15 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.06.10. 09Uhr Wartburgradio


Mo.18.09. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.19.09. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.21.09. 15 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.22.09. 09Uhr Wartburgradio

Vader - Heading For Internal Darkness
Pungent Stench - Just Let Me Rot
Dying Humanity - The old one
Cuntgrinder - House Of Violent Fun
Vermin - Fuel For The Flames
Wolf - Steelwinged Savage Reaper
Falconer - Spirit Of The Hawk
Morrigan - Welcome To Samhain
Nocte Obducta - Aschefrühling
Ansur - Interloper
Starkweather - Vespertilian
Derek Sherinian - Man With No Name
Into Eternity - Severe Emotional Distress
Severe Torture - Butchery Of The Soul
Pungent Stench - Invisible Empire
Stormwarrior - Valhalla
Hammerfall - The Fire Burns Forever
Twilight Ophera - Charagma
My Dying Bride - To Remain Tombless
Motörhead - Whiplash (Metallica-cover)

Mo.04.09. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.05.09. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.07.09. 15 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.08.09. 09Uhr Wartburgradio

Studiogäste: Die Apokalyptischen Reiter & Disaster KFW
Terrorizer - Fear Of Napalm / Human Prey
Disaster KFW - Därme Fressen (Demo version)
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Revolution
Mastodon - The Wolf Is Loose
Iron Maiden - Different World
Disaster KFW - Clash Of The Titans
God Dethroned - On Wings Of Pestilence
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Seemann
Goatwhore - Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult
Napalm Death - Fatalist
Suffocation - Bind Torture Kill
Disaster KFW - Hell Is Born
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Himmelskind
Agalloch - Bloodbirds

Mo.21.08. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.22.08. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.24.08. 15 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.25.08. 09Uhr Wartburgradio


Mo.07.08. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.08.08. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.10.08. 15 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.11.08. 09Uhr Wartburgradio

Therion - Pandemoniac Outbreak
Mortification - Scrolls Of The Megilloth
Collision- Redneck Rampage
Charlie Adler - Amy
Anata - Complete Demise
Terrorizer - Darker Days Ahead
Iron Maiden - The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg
Blind Guardian - Another Stranger Me
Axel Rudi Pell - Fly To The Moon
Urkraft - This Great Summer
Unearth - Sanctity Of Brothers
Heaven Shall Burn - Armia
Mercenary - Lost Reality
Sabaton - Attero Dominatus
Lordi - Who´s Your Daddy?
Poisonblack - Rush
The Everdawn - Nightborn
In Thy Dreams - Into Infinity
Hate - Anti-God Extremity
Cattle Decapitation - Unintelligent Design
Repulsion - Radiation Sickness
Jeff Walker & Die Flüffers - The Man Comes Around (Johnny Cash - Cover)

Mo.24.07. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.25.07. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.27.07. 15 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.28.07. 09Uhr Wartburgradio

Special: Party.San Open Air, Studiogäste: Jarne & Mieze
Six Feet Under - Manipulation
Hypocrisy - Fire In The Sky
Akrival -Shrine
Helrunar - Frostnacht
Enslaved - Entroper
Nifelheim - The Bestial Avenger
Rotten Sound - GDP
Kataklysm - Manipulator Of Soul
Cryptopsy - Carrionshine
Illdisposed - Back To The Street
Dew-Scented - This Grace
Killing Spree - Burning East
Thyrfing - Tiden Laker Intet
Watain - Devil´s Blood
Naglfar - 12th Rising
Setherial - ...of Suicide
Tankard - We Still Drink The Old Ways

Mo.10.07. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.11.07. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.13.07. 15 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.14.07. 09Uhr Wartburgradio

Special: Wacken Open Air
Atheist - Water
Scorpions - Bad Boys Running Wild
Fear Factory - Scapegoat
Nevermore - Born
Children Of Bodom - Sixpounder
Vreid - Left To Hate
Emperor - The Loss And Curse Of Reverence
Amon Amarth - Metalwrath
Orphaned Land - Ocean Land (The Revelation)
Soilwork - Chainheart Machine
Coldseed - Democracy Lesson
Entombed - When In Sodom
Grave - Burn
Obscenity - Die Again
Torture Killer - Swarm
Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Red Dawn Rising
Sahg - The Alchemist
McDeath - Sons Of Eastern Ruhrpott
Chrome Division - Serial Killer
Disaster KFW - Bierchensong

Mo.26.06. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.27.06. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.29.06. 19 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.30.06. 13Uhr Wartburgradio


Mo.12.06. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.13.06. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.15.06. 19 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.16.06. 13Uhr Wartburgradio


Mo.29.05. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.30.05. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.01.06. 19 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.02.06. 13Uhr Wartburgradio


Mo.15.05. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.16.05. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.18.05. 19 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.19.05. 13Uhr Wartburgradio


Mo.01.05. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.02.05. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.04.05. 19 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.05.05. 13Uhr Wartburgradio

Studiogast: John Gahlert (Fall of Serenity)
Sodom - Silent is consent
Eucharist - Wounded and alone
Hate Eternal - King of all kings
Fall of Serenity - Out of the clouds
Phoenix Mourning - When the sky falls
Fall of Serenity - Raise your remorse (with Leif Jensen (Dew-scented))
Norther - Throwing my life away
Sick Of It All - Uprising nation
The Ocean - Killing the flies
Marduk - Fistfucking god´s planet
Necrodeath - Red as blood
Celtic Frost - Progeny
Beyond Fear - Scream machine
Bloodbound - Behind the moon
Spiritus Mortis - Divine wind
Fall of Serenity - Twin curse
Raise Hell - Devil´s station
Ignite - Sunday bloody sunday (U2-Cover)

* Mo.17.04. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.18.04. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.20.04. 19 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.21.04. 13Uhr Wartburgradio

In Flames - Morphing into primal
Paradise Lost - Mortals watch the day
Orlog - Totgeweiht
Fall of Serenity - As I watch
Summoning - Veleriand
Moonspell - Finisterra
Silentium - Dead silent
Angtoria - Deity of disgust
Witchburner - Fighting force
Sodom - Blood on your lips
Serpent Obscene - Necro angel
Torchbearer - Burial waters, deepsome graves
Marduk - Burn my coffin
Enochian crescent - Tatan
Insidious Decrepancy - Enchanting fantasies...
Noise Forest - Be at peace
Motorjesus - Invisible man
Twilightning - Rolling heads
The Quill - Keep the circle whole
Mistress - Whiplash (Metallica-cover)
Transilvanian Beat-Club - Transilvanian hunger (Darkthrone-Cover)

* Mo.03.04. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.04.04. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
 Do.06.04. 19 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.07.04. 13Uhr Wartburgradio

Primordial - Gods to the godless
Katatonia - Deliberation
Vandrar - Like burning shadows in the darkness
Wolfhetan - Pfad der Einsamkeit
Casket Garden - To relive my carnage
Deadlock - Earth.Revolt
Vreid - Left to hate
Aeternus - The 9th revolution
Nidingr - Child of silence
Enslaved - RUUN
Sahg - Repent
Ihsahn - Called by the fire
Blind Guardian - Fly
Telefoninterview mit Ringo (Veranstalter "Scheddel" Leipzig)
Nuke Eastern Plot - Heaven sent
Neaera - Heavenhell
Cannibal Corpse - The time to kill is now
Textures - Circular
Mötley Crüe - Anarchy in the UK (Sex pistols-Cover)

* Mo.20.03. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.21.03. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
 Do.23.03. 19 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.24.03. 13Uhr Wartburgradio

Naglfar - As the twilight gave brth to the night
Tankard - Blood, guts and rockŽnŽroll
Venom - Antechrist
Angel Blake - Retaliate
Bury my Sins - Club of sons
Interview Maroon / Andre (Sänger)
Maroon - Arcturus / Confessions of the heretic
Doro - Haunted heart
Evergrey - At loss for words
The Vision Bleak - Secrecies in darkness
Helrunar - Unten und im Norden
Skitsystem - Hat, klass & rang
Driller Killer - The fast, the fucked, the furious
Watchmaker - Dawn of indifference / Nuked to ashes
Kataklysm - Let them burn
Neuraxis - Monitoring the mind
Scar Symmetry - The illusionist
Vanden Plas - Christo
Astral Doors - EVP
Sepultura - Convicted in life
Type 0 Negative - Santana Medley

* Mo.06.03. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.07.03. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.09.03. 19 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.10.03. 13Uhr Wartburgradio

Six Feet Under - 4:20
My Dying Bride - The scarlet garden
Chain Collector - Neverwhere
Maroon - Annular eclipse
Devin Townsend Band - Vampira
Ensiferum - Dragonheads
Manegarm - Sigrblot
Helrunar - Dreifach Dorn
Kalmah - Mindrust
Legion of the Damned - Malevolent rapture
Knorkator - Wir werden
Koroded - Zero minus zero
Herod - Assimilation
7 Seals - My own secret
Rage - Full moon
Noctifer - Supernova experience
Dornenreich - Der Hexe flammend Blick
One man army and the undead quartet - Bulldozer frenzy
Cindy & Bert - Der Hund von Baskerville (Black Sabbath -Cover)

* Mo.20.02. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.21.02. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.23.02. 19 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.24.02. 13Uhr Wartburgradio

Judas Priest - Metal meltdown
Manowar - Wheels of fire
Avenged sevenfold - Beast and the harlot
Deadlock - The year of the crow
In Flames - Come clarity
Darkthrone - Too old too cold
Dismember - Where no ghost is holy
Defloration - Suicidal tendency
Sadus - In the name of...
Broken hope - Incinerated
Fragments of unbecoming - Weave their barren path
Defloration - Warped accouchement
Disparaged - Split in half
Cryptopsy - In the kingdom where everything dies, the sky is mortal
Night in gales - Razor
Defloration - Made of dust
The vision bleak - Secrecies in darkness
Katatonia - My twin
Lacuna coil - Our truth
Hellsongs - Run to the hills (Iron Maiden-Cover)

* Mo.06.02. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.07.02. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.09.02. 19 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.10.02. 13Uhr Wartburgradio

Katatonia - Without god
Finntroll - Rivfader (Demo)
Amorphis - Stone woman
My darkest hate - Bow before me
Faust again - To dwell on thoughts of you
Undertow - Stomping out ignorance
Witchery - Stigmatized
Thundra - On thorns
Deus diabolus - Downwards
Siebenbürgen - Mardröm
Bathtub shitter - Skate of bulgaria
Nasum - Krossa
Pitbulls in te nursery - Lunatic factory
Gorilla monsoon - War to the wimps
Jorn - Stormcrow
Silent voices - Distorted
King´s X -Bebop
Malice in Wonderland - Red rose suicide
Green carnation - Alone
Hellsongs - Breaking the law (Judas Priest - Cover)

* Mo.23.01. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.24.01. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.26.01. 19 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.27.01. 13Uhr Wartburgradio

Flotsam And Jetsam - No Place For Disgrace (live)
Rhapsody - Emerald Sword (live)
Demons Gate - Dawn Of Death
Revenge Falls - Maybe My Destiny
Bloody Maria - Color Red
Phorkyas - Folgt mir blind
Bitterness - Blackened Domains
Torture Killer - Sadistic
Vermis - Room 1166
Ingurgigating Oblivion - Veil Of Perception
Ajattara - Hurmasta
Amorphis - House Of Sleep
Soulrelic - Hollow Craving
Lordi - They Only Come Out At Night
Fireball Ministry - In The End
Benedictum - Wicca
Insidious Decrepancy - Enraptured by Sickening Visions of Perverse Debauchery
Defloration - Personal Vendetta
Revolting Cocks - Track 6
Twilight Guardians - La Isla Bonita (Madonna - Cover)
Diablo - A View To A Kill (Duran Duran - Cover)

* Mo.09.01. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.10.01. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.12.01. 19 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.13.01. 13Uhr Wartburgradio

Europe - The Final Countdown (live)
Children Of Bodom - Deadnight Warrior
Obituary - Chopped in Half
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Der Teufel
Disbelief - For Those Who Dare
Purgatory - In Fervent Eyes
Centinex - Towards Devastation
Gates of Ishtar - The Silence
Hypnos - Journey Into Doom
Dornenreich - Trauerbrandung
Hellsaw - Hate War Victory
Dark Fortress - REvolution:Vanity
Naildown - Reflecting My Descent
Raunchy - The Curse Of Bravery
Devin Townsend Band - Synchestra
Machinemade God - Losses to Lessons
Bloodbound - Desdemonamelia
Majesty - Heavy Metal Desire
Jack Frost - California Dreaming

* Mo.09.01. 18Uhr Radio OKJ, Di.10.01. 13Uhr Radio OKJ
Do.12.01. 19 Uhr Wartburgradio, Fr.13.01. 13Uhr Wartburgradio

Europe - The Final Countdown (live)
Children Of Bodom - Deadnight Warrior
Obituary - Chopped in Half
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Der Teufel
Disbelief - For Those Who Dare
Purgatory - In Fervent Eyes
Centinex - Towards Devastation
Gates of Ishtar - The Silence
Hypnos - Journey Into Doom
Dornenreich - Trauerbrandung
Hellsaw - Hate War Victory
Dark Fortress - REvolution:Vanity
Naildown - Reflecting My Descent
Raunchy - The Curse Of Bravery
Devin Townsend Band - Synchestra
Machinemade God - Losses to Lessons
Bloodbound - Desdemonamelia
Majesty - Heavy Metal Desire
Jack Frost - California Dreaming

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