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Hellborn Playlist 26.12.2016

Lemmy Kilmister - Run Rudolph Run
Blood Ceremony - Loreley
Borknagar - Cold Runs The River
Amon Amarth - Wanderer
Exumer -The Raging Tides
Anthrax - Breathing Lightning
Inquisition - Vortex From The Celestial Flying Throne Of Storms
Hammers Of Misfortune - Dead Revolution
Denner/Shermann - Son Of Satan
Anaal Nathrakh - Hold Your Children Close And Pray For Oblivion
Meshuggah - Born In Dissonance
Khemmis - Three Gates
Birth A.D. - KIll Everybody
Weekend Nachos - Fake Political Song
Phobia - Set To Rage
Magrudergrind - The Opportunist
Katatonia - Old Heart Falls
Sagh - Devilspeed
Dark Tranquillity - Encircled
Rotting Christ - Elthe Kyrie
Suicidal Tendencies - One Finger Salute

Hellborn Playlist 12.12.2016

Possessed - Twisted Minds
While Heaven Wept - Icarus And I
Phantom Corporation - Shock Wave
Slegest - Da
Bölzer - Hero
Lizzy Borden - Me Against The World
Malignant Tumour - Fly High
Revel In Flesh - Servents Of The Deathkult
Absu - Never Blow Out The Eastern Candle
Grieved - Turn Cold
Burning Butthairs - Impulse To Exhume
Candlemass - A Sorcerer's Pledge
Monster Truck - Why Are You Not Rocking?
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Wanting Not So Much To As To
Warlord U.K. - Maximum Carnage
Martyrdöd - List
Unleashed - Don't Want To Be Born
Speedwolf - Denver666
Klimt1918 - Belvedere

Hellborn Playlist 28.11.2016

Sagh - Blizzardborne
Obscure Infinity - Sorcery Of The Black Souls
War Master - Into The Abysmal Fire
Disbelief - Navigator
Metallica - Moth Into Flame
Mammoth Mammoth - Electric Sunshine
Ringworm - Brotherhood Of The MIdnight Sun
Hierophant - Trauma
Iced Earth - Something Wicked Part 1
Kataklysm - Faith Made Of Shrapnel
Accept - Restless And Wild
Six Feet Under - The Enemy Inside
Obituary - Ten Thousand Ways To Die
Whores - Baby Teeth
Steel Panther - Gloryhole
P.L.F. - The Prospect Of Nuclear Annihilation
Primate -Global Division
Pig Destroyer - Naked Trees
Daylight Dies - Sunset

Hellborn Playlist 14.11.2016

Entombed - Living Dead
Shredhead - Death Is Righteous
Apophys - Requiem For The Absurd
Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons - Big Mouth
Sister - Carved In Stone
Meshuggah - MonstroCity
In Flames - The End
Dark Tranquillity - The Pitiless
Downfall Of Gaia - Atrophy
Primordial - Bloodied Yet Unbowed
Sepultura - Attitude
Ghost - Square Hammer
Minotaur Head - Only Lands For The Slaughter
Suffocation - Demise Of The Clone
Scour - Dispatched
Ravencult - Tormentor Of Flesh
Keitzer - Übermensch
Therion - Fly To The Rainbow (Scorpions Cover)
Hellborn Playlist 31.10.2016

Helloween - Keepers Of The Seven Keys
Slipknot - Sic
Misery Indey - Day Of The Dead
Witherscape - Wake Of Infinity
Okkultokrati - Raspberry Dawn
Homewrecker - Circle Of Death
Fistula - Morgue Attendant
Khemmis - Above The Water
Vader - Prayer To The God Of War
Hate Eternal - Infernus
Overkill - King Of The Rat Bastard
Crowbar - Surviving The Abyss
Lamb Of God - The Duke
Deranged - Shivers Down Your Broken Spine
Gatecreeper - Stronghold
Red Fang - Cut It Short
Vhol - Illuminat
Siege - Conform
Backslider - Sobriety In Ferul
Magrudergrind - The Opportunist
Steven Wilson - Thank You (Alanis Morissette Cover)

Hellborn Playlist 17.10.2016
Gast: Maik von Heaven Shall Burn

Enslaved - Entroper
Heaven Shall Burn - Passage Of The Crane (Dark Purity Mix)
Trap Them - Hellionaires
Teethgrinder - Desolation
Suicidal Tendencies - Clap Like Ozzy
Heaven Shall Burn - Bring The War Home
Korn - A.D.I.D.A.S.
Winterfylleth - The DArk Hereafter
Dark Throne - Boreal Fiends
Ophidian I - Tectonic Collapse
Heaven Shall Burn - Pray To God
Shadows Fall - Inspiration ON Demand
Age Of Woe - Havens Burn To Cinder
Heaven Shall Burn - Agent Orange (Sodom Cover)
VanHelgd - Gravens Lovsäng
Necrophobic - Spawned By Evil
Crom Dubh - The Invulnerrable Tide

Hellborn Playlist 03.10.2016

Sacred Reich - Surf Nicaragua
Mutilation Rites - Ancient Blood Oath
Mayhem - MILAB
Opeth - Sorceress
Evergrey - Passing Through
Vehemence - Kill For God
Pain - Natural Born Idiot
Postmortem - Bowls Of Wrath
Moonspell - Finisterra
Dark Funeral - Nail Them To The Cross
The Last Hangman - Downfall Of Glory
Sagh - Silence The Machine
Crobot - Welcome To Fat City
Brujeria - Angel De La Fontera
Sisters Of Suffocation - Brutal Queen
40WattSun - Between Times

Hellborn Playlsit 19.09.2016

Devin Townsend - Kingdom
Evocation - Infamy
Hate Eternal - Infernus
Mastodon - Ember City
Rwake - An Invisible Thread
Necromancing The Stone - The Sirens Call
Necrophagia - Angel Blake
Vulture Industries - The Tower
Zodiac - Follow You
Unlight - That Old Black Magic Spell
Katatonia - Old Heart Falls
Running Wild - Rapid Forey
Ghoul - Bringer Of War
Imperium Dekadence - Only Fragments Of Light
Helrunar - Der Endchrist
The End - Age Of Apocalypse
Asphyx - Servants Of The Warsmen (Winter Cover)

Hellborn Playlist 05.09.2016

Deicide - In Hell I Burn
Annihilator - No Surrender
Abigail - Blasphemy Night
Unleshed - Where Is Your God Now
Hooded Menace - Ashen With Solemn Decay
Hammers Of Misfortune - Dead Revolution
High Spirits - Reach For The Glory
Dead To Fall - Bastard Set Of Dreams
Gorgasm - Deadfuck
Bodycount - Bitch In The Pit
The Kyle Gass Band - Cakey
Kadaver - Lord Of The Sky
Celeste - Toucher Ce Vide Béant Attise Ma Fascination
Die Choking - Millirem
Unholy Grave - Life After Death?
Rot - Post-Modernity Cage
Children Of Eris - Königskinder
Borknagar - Panorama
Brodequin - The Red Theatre
Surgikill - Psychopathic Awakenings
Sorcerer - Lake Of The Lost Souls
Inter Arma - Potomac

Hellborn Playlist 22.08.2016

Necrophobic - Dreams Shall Flesh
Sulphur Aeon - Diluvial Ascension - Gateway to the Antisphere
Alchemist - Older Than The Ancients
Connoisseure - (Destroy the) Smoke Machines
16 - Landloper
Decapitated - Nest
Gravehill - At Hells Command
Blues Pills - Lady In Gold
Zodiac - Rebirth By Fire
Wolves In The Throne Room - Queen Of Borrowed Light
Centinex - Generation Of Flies
Aborted - The Saw And The Carnage Done
Hope Drone - Riverbeds Hewn In Marrow
Necros Christos - Black Bone Crucifix
Severe Torture - Inferior Divinity
Weekend Nachos - Pow Mia
Entrails - Dreaming (Heavy Load Cover)

Hellborn Playlist 08.08.2016

Fear Factory - Scapegoat
Hail Hornet - Kill The Liars
God Dethroned - Firebreath
Vhöl - Deeper Than Sky
Midnight - Woman Of Flame
Suffocation - Breeding The Spawn
Viral Load - Defensive Personalities
Lamb Of God - Embers
The Dillinger Escape Plan - Black Bubblegum
Pligrim - Misery Wizard
Child Bite - Apex Of Anxiety
Rompeprop - As She Licks My Only Ball....
Terrorazor - Loss Of Temper
Tu Carne - Sintoma De Enajenacion Mental
Paganizer - The Flesh Dweller
War Master - All Light Devoured
Death Breath - Dragged Through The Mud
Ablaze My Sorrow - One Last Sting
Hirax - Kill Switch
The Crown - Agent Orange (Sodom Cover)

Hellborn Playlist 25.07.2016

Sinner - No Place In Heaven
Hyporcisy - Born Dead Buried Alive
Dawn Of Disease - The Saviour's Tomb
Amon Amarth - Raise Your Horns
Denner/Shermann - The Wolf Feeds At Night
Poison Headache - Sin Eater
Sepultura - Cut-Throat
Gojira - Magma
Glorior Belli - Lies-Strangled Skies
Sol Sistere - Deliver Us
Black Crown Initiate - Transmit To Disconnect
Devil Driver - Pray For Villains
Palm - Fighting The Darkness
Sinsaenum - Anfang des Albtraumes
Cryptopsy - The Knife, the Head and What Remains
Demonbreed - Empty Grave
The Dead Goats - Broodmother
Spiritual Beggars - Still Hunter
If These Trees Could Talk - Solstice

Hellborn Playlist 11.07.2016

Grave Digger - Back From The War
Harm - October Fire
Harmony Dies - Massive Depravity
Totem Skin - Pretend
Svalbard - Disparity
Brant Bjork - Strokly Up Now
Spirtual Beggars - Blind Mountain
1000mods - 7 Flies
Peter Pan Speedrock - Good Stuff
Misery Index - Conjuring The Cull
Testament - Native Blood
In Extremo - Flaschenteufel
Man Must Die - Patriot
Centinex - Faceless
Graves At Sea - Tempest
Blizzen - Trumpets Of The Gods
Sinner - Danger Zone
Stortregn - Acosmic Ascendant
Lifeless - Moribund

Hellborn Playlist 27.06.2016
Party.San Spezial

Grave - Into The Grave
Suicidal Angels - In The Grave
Gruesome - Raped By Darkness
Exodus - Riot Act
Mörk Gryning - Tusen Ar Har Gatt
Taake - Orkan
Iron Reagan - Miserable Failure
Ered - Nocturnal Revelation
Bombs Of Hades - The Venom
Carcass - Incarnatet Solvent Abuse
Obituary - Violence
Nifelheim - Storm Of The Reaper
Mgla - II
Wolfbrigade - Why I Fight
Paradise Lost - Eternal
At The Gates - Under A Serpent Sun
Angelcorpse - Machinery Of The Cleansing
Katalepsy - Bodybags For The Gods
Sodom - The Kids Wanne Rock (Brian Adams Cover)

Hellborn Playlist 13.06.2016

Skyclad - Another Fine Mess
Iommi - Grace
Katatonia - Old Heart Falls
Sulphur - Rise Of The Mushroom Clouds
Nails - You Will Never Be One Of Us
Ophthalamia - Time For War
Destroyer666 - Tamam Shud
Pissgrave - Pain Enchantment
Lividity - Dismantle The Carcass
Svalbart - Grayscale
Kvelertak - Trepan
Dark Tranquillity - The Fatalist
Doom Division - Back In Town
Hot Rod Mayhem - Slaves
Helloween - Metal Invaders
Darkness - Death Squad
Hypocrisy - Evil Invaders (Razor Cover)
Entombed - One Track Mind (Motörhead Cover)
Hacride - Overcome
Deftones - Doomed User

Hellborn Playlist 30.05.2016

Demolition Hammer - Cataclysm
Hombre Malo - Reaching The Shore
Cobalt - Hunt The Buffalo
Blood Ceremony - Lord Of Misrule
Revel In Flesh - Frozen Majesty
Kataklysm - Taking The World By Storm
Unleashed - As Yggdrasil Trembles
Purgatory - Necromantaeon
Belphegor - Swarm of Rats
Tankard - Chemical Invasion
Path Of Destiny - Dreams In Splendid Black
Degial - Revenants
Filter - Take Me To Heaven
A Life Once Lost - Madness Is God
Illdisposed - My Flesh Is Sealed
In Mourning - Fire And Ocean
Oi Polloi - The Face
Victims - Heal
Nothing - Our Plague

Hellborn Playlist 16.05.2016

Asphyx - The Rack
Enforcer - Run For Your Life
Mountain Throne - Stormcoven
Vallenfyre - Aghast
Ragnarok - My Creator
Infestdead - Jesusatan
Abrogation - Tausend Schatten
Stonewall Noise Orchestra - Into The Fire
Filter - Nothing In My Hands
Antimatter - Redemption
Decembre Noir - Thorns
Andhaka - Sweet Blood For A Sour Shaddock
Lik - The Sickening
Overtorture - Black Shrouds Of Dementia
Wolfpack - Predator -
Nekrarchon - Consecreations
Dehuman Reign - Mind Of The Insane
The Temple - Death The Only Mourner

Hellborn Playlist 02.05.2016

Therion - The Wings Of The Hydra
Bodyfarm - The Dark Age
Panopticon - The Echoes of a Dissonant Evensong
Accuser - Arbitrary Law
Criminal - Shock Doctrine
Gamma Ray - Last Before The Storm
Dynasty - The Human Paradox
LIK - Skin Necrosis
Decembre Noir - Ressurection
Overtorture - Targets
Phobia - Get Up And Kill
Die Choking - Dead Figurehead
Rotten Sound - Lies
Cannibal Corpse - Sadistic Embodiment
Immolation - Majesty And Decay
Yellow Eyes - The Mangrove, The Preserver
Crowbar - Planets Collide
Desaster - Conquer & Contaminate
Proll Guns - From Texas To Hell
Abnormality - Vigilant Ignorance
Total Fucking Destruction - Kill Your Boss (EyeHateGod Cover)

Hellborn Playlist 18.04.2016

Type O Negative - Love You To Death
Immolation - Shadows In The Light
Asmondeus - Servitus In Aeternitatem
Vidargänger - No More Lust
Funeral Whore - The Graveyard Silence
J.T. Ripper - Darkest Minds /Bloody Salvation
Throne Of Heresy - Black Gates Of Antioch
Total Devastation - Collision Course
Graveyard - The Mighty Colums Of Irem
Age Of Woe - Like Embers
Snaketongue - The Horror
Pig Destroyer - Gravedancer
Nile - Papyrus Containing the Spell to Preserve Its Possessor Against Attacks from He Who Is in the Water
Hate Eternal - Infernus
Disfear - Get It Off
Paradise Lost - Soul Courageous
Nihilist - Supposed To Rot
Sulphur - Gathering Storms
The Foreshadowing - Russians (Sting Cover)
Between The Buried And Me - Bicycle Race (Queen Cover)

Hellborn Playlist 04.04.2016

Guns'N'Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine
Turbid North - Stormblast
Dismember - On Frozen Fields
Humiliation - An Absence Of Peace
Total Hate - Purifiction By Fire
Krater - Flammen Im Vakuum
Moonsorrow - Suden Tunty
Goatwhore - Alchemy Of The Spears Of Chaos
Danzig - Until You Call On The Dark
Destroyer666 - Wildfire
Incantation - Carrion Prophecy
Morgoth - Pits Of Utumno
Gorguts - Forgotten Arrows
Phazm - My Darkest Desire
Seven Sisters Of Sleep - Gutter
Eroded Ashes - Set Ablaze
Overtorture - Murder For The Masses
Borknagar - The Rhymes Of The Mountain

Hellborn Playlist 21.03.2016

Vital Remains - Dechristianize
Isole - From Clouded Sky
Convulse - Cycle Of Revenge
Textures - Illuminate The Trail
Grieved - Fogbound
Wormed - Pseudo-Horizon
Vile - Rise
Magnum - Princess In Rage (The Cult)
Spiritual Beggars - Sweet Magic Pain
Primitive Man - Antietam
Magrudergrind - Divine Dictation
Deathrite - Mayhem Remains
Threshold - Watchtower On The Moon
General Surgery - Necrocriticism
Gadget - The Great Destroyer
Black Shape Of Nexus - Sand Mountain
Necrophobic - Astaroth
Encrust - Engine of Deceit
Victims - Silence Of The Night

Hellborn Playlist 07.03.2016

Tool - Stinkfist
Genghis Tron - Board Up The House
Magrudergrind - Black Banner
Destroyer666 - Hounds At Ya Back
Toxic Waltz - Off To The Red
Gehennah - ' Cause We' Are A Street Metal Band
Exumer - The Raging Tides
Purgatory - Codex Anti
Cliteater - Tranny McPee
Hatebeak - Birdseeds Of Vengeance
Ketzer - Starless
SymphonyX - The End Of Innocent
Anthrax - Breathing Lightning
Black Shape Of Nexus - Lift Yourself
Krater - Non Serviam
Rotting Christ - Elthe Kyrie
Riverside - Rainbow Box
Urgehal - The Iron Children
ACxDC - Worthless
Krigblast - Transilvanian Hunger (Darkthrone Cover)

Hellborn Playlist 22.02.2016
(Erik von Rogash zu Gast im Studio)

Monster Magnet - Negasonic Teenage Warhead
The Locust - One Decent Leg
Zanthropya Ex - Windreiter
Cypecore - My Confession
Obscura - Akroasis
Entombed AD - The Winner Has Los
Birth AD - Kill Everybody
Rogash - To The End
Death Angel - Thicker Than Blood
Rogash - Nightmares
Ichorid - Protowar
Katalepsy - Evidence Of Near Death
The Forsaken - Incinerate
Rogash - Buried In Oblivion
Centinex - Moist Purple Skin
Rogash - Dreams And The Flesh
Deserted Fear - The Agony
Carnivore - Sex And Violence
Surgikill - Psychopathic Awakenings
Rogash - Refuse/Resist (Sepultura Cover)

Hellborn Playlist 08.02.2016

Celtic Frost - Circle Of Tyrants
The Faceless - Ten Billion Years
Psyopus - 2
Crobot - The Necromancer
Orchid - Sign Of The Witch
Abbath - To War
Mörk Gryning - Perpetual Dissolution
Black Tusk - God's On Vacation
Krisiun - Scars Of The Hatred
Sabiendas - Ascending The Scaffold
Taphos Nomos - The Cottonwoods Grim
Machine Head - Blood For Blood
Deserted Fear - Call Me Your God
Ghost - Majesty
Criminal Element - Criminal Crime Time
The Spudmonsters - Stop The Madness
Mucky Pup - Batman
My Dying Bride - The Dark Caress
Griftegard - The Four Horseman(Aphrodite's Child Cover)
Hellborn Playlist 25.01.2016

Reverend Bizarre - Burn In Hell
Nailbomb - Wasting Away
Megadeth - The Threat Is Real
Brutality - Sea Of Ignorance
Opprobrium - Battle Of Armageddon
Borknagar - Winter Thrice
Windfaerer - Celestial Supremacy
Bombs Of Hades - Death Mask Replica
The Resistance - Felony
Black Dahlia Murder - Abysmal
Collision - Piece Of Shit From The Tarpit
Fleshcrawl - Return Of The Flesh
Fear Factory - Dielectric
Ignite - Nothing Can Stop Me
M.O.D. - Hate Tank
Nocturnal Breed - Screaming For A Leather Bitch
Refusal - Cannibal Instinct
Master - Subdue The Politician
Ghost Brigade - Long Way To The Grave

Hellborn Playlist 11.01.2016

Motörhead - Overkill
Coffins - Crawling To Eternal Slumber
Wifebeater - Beat Her to the Shelter
Kalmah - Wings Of Blackening
Subliritum - Downfall Of Empathy
Baroness - Morningstar
Audrey Horne - Down Like Suicide
Broken Hope - Swamped In Gore (live)
Devourment - Fifthy Ton War Machine
Ignite - Fear Is Our Tradition
Iron Reagan - Midlothian Murder Mile
Acid Witch - Swamp Spells
Nader Sadek - Carrion Whispers
Cult Leader - Sympathetic
The Drip - Rise To Failure
Mötley Crüe - Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)
Chritian Mistress - Conviction
Skinless - Funeral Curse
Malevolent Creation - Imperium (Kill Force Rising)
Bad Luck Rides On Wheels - War Machine (AC/DC Cover)

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