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Hellborn 24.12.2018
Soto, Kulick, Kulick, Wyse, Luzier - We Wish You A Merry Xmas
U.S. Christmas - Death By Horses
Wolves In The Throne Room - The Old One Are With Us
Lemmy, Gibbons, Grohl - Run Rudolph Run
Cooper, Sheehan, Appice - Santa Claws Is Coming To Town
Anneke Van Giersbergen - Amity (Live Symphonized)
Lake Of Tears - A Crimson Cosmos
Ghost . Con Clavi Con Dio (Live)
Summorning - Marching Homewards
Green Carnation -
The Ocean - Permian The Great Dying
Spinal Tap - Christmas With The Devil
Manos - Weihnachtspotpourri
DAD - We All FAll Down
Pearcy, Gund Kulick, Sheehan, Bissonette - Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer
Kiss - Calling Dr. Love
Deep Purple - Black Night
Whitesnake - Still Of The Night

Hellborn Playlist 10.12.2018
50% Cover Songs-Spezial Teil 2

Sacred Reich - War Pigs (Black Sabbath Cover)
Cannibal Corpse - Zero The Hero (Black Sabbath Cover)
Hypocrisy - Evil Invaders (Razor cover)
Entombed - Night Of The Vampire (Roky Erikson Cover)
Sepultura - Orgasmatron (Motörhead Cover)
The Crown - Iron Crown
Obliteration -Tumulus of Ancient Bones
Aura Noir - Hades Rise
The Nightflight Orchestra - Jenni
In The Woods - Respect My Solitude
Deicide - One With Satan
Organic - From Beyond
Outer Heaven - Pulsating Swarm
Carnival In Coal - Maniac (Michael Sembello cover)
The Kill - Necrophobic (Slayer Cover)
Benighted - Christ Raping Black Metal (Marduk Cover)
Dark Funeral - Satanic Blood (Von Cover)
Nevermore - Sound Of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel cover)
Hammerfall - Child Of The Damned (Warlord Cover)
Stapping Young Lad -- Room 429 (Cop Shoot Cop cover)
Nocturnal Breed - Evil Dead (Death cover) (live)
Death - Painkliier (Judas Priest Cover)

Hellborn Playlist 26.11.2018
50% Cover-Spezial
Anthrax - Antisocial (Trust Cover)
Machine Head - Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden Cover)
Children Of Bodom - Sleeping In My Car (Roxette Cover)
Ghost -Crucified (Army of Lovers Cover)
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Blinded By Fear (At The Gates Cover)
Corpsessed - Impetus Of The Dead
Bloodbath - Bloodicide
The Heard - Tower Of Silence
Idle Hands - Blade And The Will
Chaple Of Disease - Void Of Words
Sodom - Partisan
The Ocean - Cambrian II Eternal Recurrence
Brutal Truth - Sister Fucker (EyeHateGod Cover)
Necrony - Lucid Fairytale (Napalm Death Cover)
Dying Fetus - Unchallenged Hate (Napalm Death Cover)
Nasum - Tools Of Trade (Carcass Cover)
Misery Index - Digging In (Nasum Cover)
Paradise Lost - Small Town Boy (Bronsky Beat Cover)
Fear Factory - Cars (Gary Numan Cover)
Motörhead - Emergercy (Girlschool Cover)
Manos - Biene M (Karel Gott Cover)
Brujeria - Marijuana (Los Del Rio Cover)

Hellborn Playlist 12.11.2018

Thyrfing - Storms Of Asgard
Black Breath - Reaping Flesh
Limbonic Art - Ethered Traveler
Pro Pain - The Final Revolution
Kataklysm - Kill The Elite
Hypocrisy - End Of Disclosure
Napalm Death - The Code Is Red...Long Live The Code
Ghostbath - Ascension
Pyrexia - Abominat
Kraanium - Bound To Kill
Behemoth - If Crucifixion Was Not Enough
Frozen Blood - Last Autumn
Brejndedd - Born Ugly
Dismember - Dreaming In Red
Dimension Zero - The Murder-Inn
Carnal Forge - I Smell like Death (Son of a Bastard)
Cut Up - Behead The Dead
Impious - The Deathsquad
Code Error - 3
Hellborn Playlist 29.10.2018
zu GAst im Studio: Asphodelos

Trouble - The Tempter
Paradise Lost - The Longest Winter
Genocide Pact - Decimation Grid
Sinsaenum - Inverted Cross
Soulburn - The Mirror Void
Vanhelgd - Vi föddes i samma grav
Infernal Coil - Crusher Of The Seed
Them - Witchfinder
Watain - Nuclear Alchemy
Purgatory - Codex Anti
Asphodelos - Crowns Are Inherited, Kigdoms Are Earned
Dismember - Misantropic
Deicide - Never To Be Seen Again
Asphodelos - Nothingness
Iron Maiden - Only The Good Die Young
Necrophobic - Roots Of Heldrasilll
Asphodelos - Typhon

Hellborn Playlist 15.10.2018

The Nightflight Orchestra - California Morning
Pantera - Walk (live @ Dynamo Open Air 1998)
Pig Destroyer - Army Of Cops
Krieg - Circle Of Guilt
Trappist - Giving The Boot To Reinheitsgebot
ASG - Survive Sunrise
YOB - Original Face
Threshold - The Man Who Saw Through Time
Earth Ship - Valley Of Thorns
Crowbar -I Am The Storm
Entombed A.D. - The Winner Has Lost
Vader - Hexenkessel
Black Label Society - The Betrayal
Zeke - AR-15
Hulshug - Helvete
Skrupel -Think
Encroched - High And Mighty
Fulled By Fire - Suffering Entities
Orange Goblin - Ghosts Of The Primitives

Hellborn Playlist 01.10.2018

Sepultura - Desperate Cry
In Mourning - For You To Know
Ne Oblivicaris - Intravenus
Onkel Tom - Ich Find Nur Metal Geil
Leader Of Down - Laugh At The Devil
Kankar - Domination
Bölzer - Hero
Necros Christos - Exodos
One Tail, One Head - Worlds Open, Worlds Colide
Asphyx - Deathhammer
Sodom - S.O.D.O.M.
Eläkelaiset - Pöpi
Second Sun - Noll Respekt
Threshold - Small Dark Lines
Cauldron - Letting Go
Abhorrence - Anthem For The Anthropocene
Cast The Stone - As The Dead Lie
Onkel Tom - Durst Ist Schlimmer Als Heimweh

Hellborn Playlist 17.09.2018

Immolation - Once Ordained
Therion - Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx
Spirit Adrift - Earthbound
Dawn Ray'd - The Abyssal Plain
Discomfort - Bodies
Carnation - Hatred Unleashed
Edge Of Sanity - Everlasting
Butcher ABC - Maximum Rotting Corpse
Divine Empire - War Torn
Weak Aside - Until You Died
Memoriam - Surrounded (By Death)
Palm - Rot Away
Friendship - Plague
Madder Mortem - My Will Be Done
Monster Truck - True Rocker
DAD - The End
Ovate - The Horned Forest King
Arroganz - By Glowing Chains
Machine Head - Blood For Blood
Angelcorpse - Pleasure To Kill (Kreator Cover)

Hellborn Playlist 03.09.2018

Testament - Over The Wall
Grip Inc. - Amped
Deserted Fear - Till The Last Drop
Unanimated - From A Throne Below
Unreal Overflows - Abiding Decay
Satan - The Doomsday Clock
Goat Explosion - Where Shadows Hide
Autopsy - Human Genocide
Siege Of Power - Bleeding For The Cause
Monstrosity - Radiated
Undertow - Thieves & Liars
Necrot - Shadows And Light
Spectral Voice - Threshold Beyond
Panzer Squad - Singular Purpose
Impaled Nazarene - The Return of the Nuclear Gods
Hemdale - Drink And Drive
Sex Prisoner - Loaded Dice
Antigama - Randomize the Algorithm
Black Lodge - Mi§§ion
Doctor Livingstone - Eat You Devour Me
SSS - Inside The Box
Slaughterday - Victim of the Insane (Trouble cover)
Danzig - Crying In The Rain (The Everly Brothers Cover)

Hellborn Playlist 20.08.2018

Annihilator - Alison Hell
Huntress - Sleep And Death
Generation Kill - Feast For The Wolves
Black Anvil - On Forgotten Ways
Sacroscum - Drugs & Death
Kadaver - Die Baby Die
Queens Of The Stone Age - Head Like A Haunted House
Manos - Annihitation
Haemorrhage - I Work in the Morgue
Deaw Of Disease - Ashes
Debauchery - Blood For The Blood God
Katalepsy - Lurking In The Depth
Helloween - I Want Out
Funeral - Burning With Regret
Wojczech - First World Scum Depression
The Monolith Deathcult - Human Wave Attack
Lord Dying - Poisoned Altars
Exodus - Dirty Deeds Done Cheap (AC/DC Cover)
Hellborn Playlist 06.08.2018
Bolt Thrower - War/Remembrance
Keep Of Kalessin - A New Empire's Birth
Kreator - Phantom Antichrist
Exmortus - To The End Of The Earth
Between The Buried And Me - Voice Of Trespass
Obscura - Emergent Evolution
Down - Witchtripper
Night Demon - Night Demon (live)
The Spirit - Cross The Bridge To Eternity
Gruesome - Lethal Lagacy
Minotaur Head - A Monument To Humanity
Mad Max - Beat Of The Heart
Khemmis - Isolation
Shining - Låt oss ta allt från varandra
Mutilation Rites - Exhalting Or Breathing In
Skeletonwitch - The Lumious Sky
Necrot - The Blade
Ghost Brigade - Wretched Blues

Hellborn Playlist 23.07.2018

Testament - Into The Pit
Iron Maiden - Blood Brothers
Anthrax - Earth On Hell
Immartal - Gates To Blashyrkh
Panopticon - En Hvit Ravns Dod
Extremity - Grave Mistake
Tomb Mold - Abysswalker
Hammerfall - Bring It!
All Pigs Must Die - Sacrosanct
Iron Reagan - Fuck The Neighbours
Cannibal Corpse - Sadistic Embodiement
Eroded - Of Green Blood On Earth
Vulture Industries - Blood On The Trail
Dimmu Borgiir - Alphatteon Omega
Ghost Brigade - Breakwater
The Nightflight Orchestra - Lovers In The Rain
Sahg - Silence The Machines
Brujeria - Mantandos Gueros
Moonsorrow - Hiiwenpelto
Hooded Menace - In Eerie Deliverance

Hellborn Playlist 09.07.2018
Party.San Open Air Spezial

Pestilence - The Secrecies Of Horror
Wolfheart - The Rift
Hierophant - In Decay
Pillorian - Archaen Divinity
The Black Dahlia Murders - Of God And Serpent, Of Spectre And Snake
Brujeria - Mexico Campeon
Toxic Holocaust - Rat Eater
Blood Incantation - Chaoplasm
Ram - I Am The End
Anaal Nathrakh - We Will Fucking Kill You
Deserted Fear - The Fall Of Leaden Skies
Venom - Black Metal
Revenge - Shock Attrition (Control In Decline)
Tankard - Zombie Attack
Benighted - Cum With Disgust
Emperor - Ye Entrancemperium
Watain - Nuclea Alchemy
Unanimated - In The Light Of Darkness
Unleashed - Winterland

Hellborn Playlist 25.06.2018

Pantera - Suicide Note Pt. 2 (live)
Hellyeah - Hellyeah
Obituary - Evil Ways
Deicide - Till Death Do Us Part
Enslaved - Sacred Horse
In Flames - Morphing Into Primal
Naglfar -  The Perpetual Horrors
Autopsy - The Sick Get Sicker
Cannibal Corpse - Pit Of Zombies
Morbid Angel - Fall From Grace
Impaled Nazarene - Goat Sodomy
Candlemass - Hammer Of Doom (live)
Iced Earth - Ten Thousand Strong
Terror - Return To Strength
Helltrain - The Helltrain Coven
Vuur - The Martyr And The Saint - Beirut
Textures - Stream Of Consciousness
Embraced - Within Me
Blood Chalice - The Unholy Angel Of All
Ghost - It's A Sin (Pet Shop Boys Cover)

Hellborn Playlist - 11.06.2018
Body Count - Surviving The Game
The Quill - Too Close To The Sun
Between The Buried And Me - Informal Gluttony
Necros Christos - He Doth Mourn in Hell
Coroner - D.O.A.
Pro-Pain - Heads Will Roll
Kataklysm - Outsider
Abbath - Count The Dead
Apocalyptica - Creeping Death (Metallica Cover)
A Perfect Circle - Doomer
Ghost - Faith
Fragment Of Unbecoming - Towards the Leaden Sky
Be'Lakor - An Ember's Arc
Holocausto Canibal - Vulva Rasgada
Rot - Tomorrow Is Not Importent
Doom - Trash Breeds Trash
Vojd - On an Endless Day of Everlasting Winter
Violation Wound - Stalemate Suicide
Wound - The Gateway To Madness
Burn The Priest - Kill Yourself (S.O.D. Cover)

Hellborn Playlist 28.05.2018

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
Old Man Gloom - Common Species
Dekapitator - Deathstrike Commando
Immolation - Majesty And Decay
Valis Ablaze - Hex
At The Gates - To Drink From The Night Inself
LIK - Dr Duschanka
Dimmu Borgir - Council Of Wolves And Snakes
Uada - The Purging Fire
Judas Priest - Lightning Strike
Madball - Revolt
Cradle Of Filth - Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids
Benediction - Dripping With Disgust
Nominon - In The Name Of Gomorrah
Amorphis - The Bee
Pungent Stench - Viva Il Vaticano
Vader - Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath Cover)
Hellborn Playlist 14.05.2018

Atheist - Air
Barren Earth - Further Down
Sempiternal Dusk - Streams Of Night
Parkway Drive - Prey
Caliban - Before Later Becomes Never
Morfin - Embodiement
Death - Pull The Plug
A Perfect Circle - The Doomed
Extol - In Reversal
Marduk - World Funeral
Cannibal Corpse - Only One Will Die
Trouble - Trouble Maker
Black Stone Cherry - Southern Fried Friday Night
Crude S.S. - Blue Eyed Devils
Catheter - Sacrifice
Melt Banana - T For Tone
Killer Be Killed - Face Down
Unprocessed - Haven
Palm - Rot Away
Hope Drone - The Chords That Thrum Beneath the Earth

Hellborn Playlist 30.04.2018
Metallica - ...And Justice For All
Threshold - Snowblind
Hypocrisy - Global Domination
Celeste - Sans coeur et sans corps
Alda - Animis
Grade2 - Forever
Dead Lord - Too Late
Horisont - Electrical
Axel Rudi Pell - Towers Of Lies
Graveyard - As The Shadow Came
Utumno - The Light Of Day
Death Before Disco - Etireno
Soulfly - Prophesy
Outlaw Order - Mercy Shot
The Sign Of The Southern Cross - The South Is Rising
The Crown - In The Name Of Death
Vanhelgd - Dödens maskätna anlete
Secrets Of The Sky - Three Swords

Hellborn Playlist 16.04.2018

Type O Negative - Christian Woman
Iron Angel - Hellbound
Blitzkrieg - Who Is Blind?
Between The Buried And Me - Yellow Eyes
Disillusion - The Porter - a lament
Alghazanth - Moving Mountain
Baptism - Chalice Of Death
Vojd - On An Endless Day Of Everlasting Winter
Kvelertak - Svartmesse
UADA - Devoid Of Light
Vidargängr - Burning Abyss
Khemmis - Candlelight
Sentient Horror - Hell Marked
Abjured - Massive Melancoly
Scheitan - Autumn Departure
Anorexia Nervosa - Quintessence (Dark Throne Cover)

Hellborn Playlist 02.04.2018

Necrophagia - Cannibal Holocaust
Nekrovault - Embrace The Funeral Fire
Requiem - For The Blind To See
The Crown - Cobra Speed Venom
Judas Priest - Never The Heros
Hooded Menace - Carnal Reflections
The Atlas Moth - Frozen Crown
Blood Feast - INRI
Demonical - Towards Greater Gods
Therion - Night Reborn
Implore - Cursed Existence
Exhumed - The Shape Of Death To Come
Primordial - Where Lie The Gods
Splitter - Om Vingar Fanns
Iron Reagan - Insanity Plea(se)?
The Arson Project - Nothing
Unanimated - Die Alone
Blood Incantation - Hidden Species (Vitrification Of Blood Part 2)
Machetazo - Tormentor (Kreator Cover)
Hellborn Playlist 19.03.2018

Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell
Oranassi Pazuzu - Vino verso
Scour - Red
Pissgrave - Pain Enchantment
Gravehill - Death Curse
Necrophobic- Mark Of The Necrogram
Demonical - Return In Flesh
Legend Of The Seagullmen - The Fogger
Joe Bonnamassa - Oh Beautiful!
Obituary - Ten Thousand Ways To Die
Fleshgod Apocalypse - Thru Our Scars
Dark Tranquillity - Forward Momentum
Heaven Shall Burn - Downshifter
Origin - Cascading Failures, Dimishing Returns
Rings Of Saturn - Parallel Shift
Horisont - Electrical
The Devils Blood - She
Pig Destroyer - Honeymoon
Siege - Drop Dead
Rotten Sound - Mindkill
Ne Obliviscaris - Libera

Hellborn Playlist 05.03.2018
Erik von Rogash zu Gast im Studio

Paradise Lost - Embers Fire
With The Dead - Egyptian Tomb
Tenacious D - Rize Of The Fenix
Grave - Dismembered Mind
Old - A Knife
The Carburators - Rock ' N Roll Forever
Victims - Reverse
Cannabis Corpse - THC Crystal Mountain
Rogash - To The End
Lifeless - The Final Sacrifice
Rogash - Soulrust
Wound - Codex Arcanum
Rogash - Buried In Oblivion
Revel In Flesh -Frozen Majesty
Dool - Golden Serpents
Die Choking - Dwell
Cripple Bastards - Fumo Passivo
Arsis -The Face Of My Innocence
The Black Dahlia Murder - The Window
Blood Incantation - Chaoplasm
Rogash - Refuse/Resist (Sepultura Cover)
Hellborn Playlist 19.02.2018
Ekranoplan zu Gast im Studio

Slayer - Hell Awaits
Bölzer - I Am III
Celtic Frost - Progeny
Textures - New Horizons
Obscura - Vortex Omnivium
RAM - I Am the End
Portrait - At The Ghost Gate
Naglfar - Come Perdotion
Destroyer666 - Call Of The Wild
Ekranoplan - Sprechverbot
Napalm Death - Narcoleptic
Ekranoplan - Kalkyl
Ekranoplan - You're Welcome
Brutal Thruth - War Is Good
Disfear - Misantrophic Generation
Converge - Eagles Become Vultures
Dead Cross - Seizure And Desist
The Abyss - Marutukku
Ekranoplan - Negative Black

Hellborn Playlist 05.02.2018

At The Gates - Kingdom Gone
The Great Deceiver - In The Wake Of Progress
Shredhead - Walk With The Dead
Reverend Bizarre - In The Rectory
Artificial Brain - Infrared Horizon
Ulcerate - There Are No Saviours
Mötley Crüe - Face Down In The Dirt
Sepultura - Resistance Parasites
Dr. Living Dead! - Infiltrator/Exterminator
Black Mood - Hung On Cross
Dew Scented - Acts Of Rage
Agathocles - Dethroned The Tyrant
My Mind Is Mine - Soul Cries
Mumakil - Get Wasted
Horrendous - The Stranger
Devourment - Fifth Ton War Machine
Kuolemanlaakso - Nostos & Algos
Opeth - Era

Hellborn Playlist 22.01.2018

Annihilator - Alice In Hell
Ereb Altor - En synd svart som sot
The Prophecy23 - Video Games Aint't No Shame
Obituary - End It Now
Lik - Skin Necrosis
Jess And The Ancient Ones - (Here Comes) The Rainbow Mouth
Mutoid Man - Open Flame
Destruction - Mad Butcher
Sodom - Tired And Red
Atomwinter - Carved In Stone
Deathrite - Toxic Hammer
Xysma - Green Gas Station Jacket
Mephorash - The Hendecasyllabics of Death
Antigama - Empty Paths
Myteri - Mörka Atervändsgränder
Massgrav - Jobba Tills Du Dör
Morbid Angel - The Righteous Voice
Autopsy - Coffin Crawlers
Flotsam And Jetsam - Hammerhead
Cementary - Pale Autumn Fire
Hellborn Playlist 08.01.2018

Immortal - Damned In Black
Audrey Horne - This Is War
Revolting - Ode To Hasthur
Massive Assault - Suffer In Terror
Summoning Silvertine
Amorphis - Death Of A King
Windir - Svartesmeden og Lundamyrstrollet
Seax - Speed Metal Mania
Cut Up - Behead The Dead
Desultory - Silent Rapture
Cavalera Conspiracy - Terror Tactics
Evil Warriors - All The Stars
Watain - Toward The Sactuary
Shining - Svart ostoppbar eld
Hypocrisy - Sodomized
Ghost Brigade - Breckwater
Napalm Death - Taste The Poison
Crom - The Millenium King (Old Man's Child Cover)

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